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The Brief


Achiever’s Commerce Class is a Thane, Mumbai based Commerce Coaching Class offering classroom based coaching for commerce students and operating for over 10 years. Over the last few years, our client has had good response and now they are in the process of streamlining their operations. They have a couple of center across Thane and most of their student admission, fee, and course records were manually recorded in registers, which was a long and time consuming process. The owners wanted a centralized system of recording and storing and evaluating data which would also be user friendly and mobile compliant which would significantly reduce their time and efforts as well as enable them to track student fees payment and generate alerts before the due dates.

The aim was to create a simple to use interface that will enable even non-computer savvy professionals to use the application.

Key Results

Time Saving
-Reduced time spent on record keeping and the partners were able to focus on core area of teaching.

Revenue Management
-Pre-defined fee alerts before due dates.

Space Saving
-No storage space required for big folders for admission forms, student details & registers.

Reports & Analytics
-Easier to view reports on past performances